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My work experience includes roles as director and co-director of animations, I supervised the pre- and post-production, production of both for commercial and artistic animation shorts and participated as a compositor and production supervisor

I’ve worked on numerous projects as
2D / 2,5D and 3D compositor (both as lead and a member of a team)  including  two feature length animations (at Salto Film, MOME, HBO and Cinemon Entertainment), several short animations and countless other animated projects as well as many live-action short films, videoclips, commercials, TV-shows and feature length documentaries, several of that have been nominated for different awards (with clients such as MOME, SZFE, TV2 Hungary, Greenroom Advertising Agency Budapest, Alexandra Publishing and Proton Cinema).

I’ve worked on several projects as a
motion designer, project director & compositor, for companies such as Umbrella Budapest and Forward Productions, Bookr Kids and many others.

I also held position as a
Graphics Artist at Pioneer Pictures and Productions, Budapest and Mid Atlantic Productions Kft (productions Amazon, BBC and Disney). 

My current jobs are in 2D animation compositing, storyboarding and directing animation & motion graphics & design.

Mid Atlantic Productions Kft
(graphics artist)
Pioneer Production and Film (graphics artist)
SALTOFILM Kft. (White Plastic Sky, 2D / 3D compositor)
HBO MAX (Leech, 2D compositor)
Cinemon Entertainment Kft. (Dreamcatchers, Four Souls of Kojot & other projects, Director & Compositor)
Umbrella (2D animation and motion design)
Defain (2D animation and motion design)
Forward Productions (2D & 3D animation and motion design for led backdrops)
MOME (compositor, from 2014-)
Örkény István Theatre (trailers and promotional material)
Európa Publishing (booktrailer directing, animation)

Important works:
ALIEN: Romulus  (Mid Atlantic Productions Kft, Graphics Artist Art Dept.)
LEECH (Directed by Aalaa Mohamed, Saltofilm & HBO - animation short film- 2D compositing)
Four Souls of Kojot (working title)  (Directed by Áron Gauder Cinemon Entertainment Kft. - animation feature film- 2D compositing)
White Plastic Sky (Directed by Tibor Bánóczki @ Sarolta Szabó at Saltofilm Kft. - animation feature film- 2D / 3D compositing)
Dreamcatchers (Developed by me, Cinemon Entertainment Kft. - animation series, directing, writing, design)
MIMI (MOME - animation short - 2D compositing, 2016)
DÍVÁK / DIVAS (HBO Europe - motion & graphics design, 2021)
Mesék a Zárkából / Tales from the Prison Cell (Proton Cinema - 2D compositing and VFX, 2018)
Földiek / Earthly People
 (SZFE - VFX and 2D compositing, 2017)
Design Without Borders 2020
 (online video design exhibition direction and post production, 2020)
The Hunters
 (Amazon TV series - Pioneer - graphics designer, 2019)
The North Water
 (BBC2 / CBC TV series - Pioneer - graphics designer, 2019-2020)

BA and MA Degree in Media design at MOME (Moholy-Nagy Art and Design University of Hungary),
2013-2018 Costume and Set design specialization at AKG 2010-2012

Other titles:
President of MOME’s Student’s Union in 2014-2016 and Vice-president in 2013

Date of birth: 9 June 1992
Located in Hungary, Budapest and Balaton
Languages: English
Software knowledge: Adobe (AE, PP, AI, PS, ID), Blender, Cinema 4D, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut , Dragonfarme, TV Paint, Krita and other animation software.

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